Student Reviews

Bill is such a great teacher and truly loves to teach. He shows patience, kindness and has a real talent he shares with his students. My daughter was a mediocre piano player until Bill started to teach her, the transformation is amazing . The other day while my daughter was taking a lesson I was on the phone. The person could hear the piano playing and asked who was playing? I told her it was my daughter. The lady was very complimentary and before we ended the conversation she told me again to tell my daughter how beautifully she played.

        - D. Kallal

Our boys (ages 12 and 14) have had Bill as their piano teacher a total of 3 years, two years in the beginning until he relocated out of the area, and now we are back with him since his return. He challenges and encourages them in their piano studies, in both piano performance and theory, and he is a very accomplished musician himself. We couldn't be more pleased to have Bill instruct our boys.

        - Jill D.

Bill Boyer has been the primary educator for our 17 year old son for the past year, with the main focus being music. He is providing piano, voice, and penny whistle instructions, with an emphasis on piano. Bill is not only a gifted musician himself, but has a natural ability to teach. He is also preparing our son to use his newly acquired skills to perform in a band. Our son has Attention Deficit Disorder and learning disabilities, however, has natural musical talents. Bill has the patience to work with our son's handicaps, and the know-how to develop his abilities. We highly recommend this talented young man as a teacher!

        - Bob and Colleen G.

Bill is a great teacher for my 7 year old daughter. Mr. Boyer keeps her interest in the lesson by explaining the concepts at an age appropriate level. He goes above and beyond our expectations and we are grateful for his creative teaching style.

        - Bernadette K